"JANSSEN COSMETICS was the first German company to launch care products combining the best from the fields of pharmacy and cosmetics onto the market. These so-called cosmeceuticals are care system products based on multiple, highly-effective, efficient active substances and enable the transition between pure beauty and scientifically based skin care. Each cosmeceutical series is based on an active substance concept which is optimally tailored to a specific skin type and achieves both visible and measurable results. Cosmeceuticals do not act exclusively on the surface of the skin but achieve an effect deep down in the skin. The skin‘s different needs and requirements are specifically targeted, leading to an immediate and long-term improvement in the skin profile. Talk to an advisor in one of our JANSSEN COSMETICS spas and find out which skin type series is the right one for you.
To further intensify the effect of the cosmeceuticals, we offer a professional product range which is reserved exclusively for beauticians, thereby transforming treatment in the beauty salon into a uniquely effective experience."

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    Hyalurone Impulse Ref. 5024 / 5024P

    Ref.5024-Retail 50 tk , Ref. 5024P – Prof. 150 tk

    If dry skin is particularly brittle, applying a day cream in the morning is often not sufficient. Additional care to improve the feel of the skin and for application as and when individually required now takes on particular importance.
    Hyaluron Impulse is small care capsules which resemble pinkish, shimmering pearls. The creamy, soft content is intended for external application. Together, the extraordinary texture and modern contents provide an optimal skin care experience and result: the capsule’s rich contents are distributed over the skin, leaving it feeling velvety soft, gentle and supple. Each individual application leaves the skin beautiful and smooth.
    Hyaluron Impulse is suitable for application with and without day or night care. Applied directly beneath make-up, dry skin regains its silky-matte shimmer.
    The small capsules are both ideal and space-saving companions on trips, and can be packed into even the smallest of bags.


  • 6600_GentleCleansingPowder
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    Gentle Cleansing Powder Ref. 6600 / 6600P

    Gentle Cleansing Powder

    Ref. 6600-Home care 100gr . Ref. 6600Р – Prof.
    Water-soluble cleansing powder for combination skin. With skin-friendly tensides for clear, matte skin.

  • 6611_TintedBalancingCream
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    Tinted Balancing Cream Ref. 6611 / 6611P

    Tinted Balancing Cream
    Ref. 6611-Home care 50ml , Ref. 6611Р – Prof. 100 ml
    Gently tinted care cream for balancing combination skin. With color pigments and extracts of red algae, rice bran and aloe vera.

  • 6620_BalancingCream
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    Balancing Cream Ref. 6620 / 6620P

    Balancing cream
    Ref. 6620-Home care 50ml , Ref. 6620Р – Prof. 200 ml

    Balancing care cream for combination skin. With extracts of red algae, rice bran and aloe vera.

  • 6630_BalancingSkinComplex
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    Balancing Skin Complex Ref. 6630 / 6630P

    Balancing Skin Complex
    Ref. 6630-Home care 30ml , Ref. 6630Р – Prof. 50 ml
    Active substance concentrate for sebum gland regulation, specifically for combination skin. With extracts of olive leaves, red algae and Fomes officinalis.

  • 0000_BrighteningFaceCleanser
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    Brightening Face Cleanser Ref. 0000 / 0000P

    Brightening face cleanser
    Ref.0000-Home care 200ml , Ref. 0000Р – Prof. 500 ml
    Aktiivne puhastusemulsioon pleegitava ja taastava efektiga.

  • 0001_BrighteningFaceFreshener
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    Brightening Face Freshener Ref. 0001 / 0001P

    Brightening face freshener
    Ref. 0001-Home care 200ml , Ref. 0001Р – Prof. 500 ml
    Alcohol-free facial tonic for demanding skin. With mulberry tree extract and glycerin.

  • 0007_IntenseFaceScrub
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    Intensive Face Scrub Ref. 0007 / 0007P

    Intensive Face Scrub
    Ref. 0007-Home care 50ml , Ref. 0007Р – Prof. 200 ml
    Cream peeling for demanding skin. With finely ground peach granules.

  • 0010_RichNutrientSkinRefiner
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    Rich Nutrient Skin Refiner Ref. 0010 / 0010P

    Rich Nutrient Skin Refiner
    Ref. 0010–Home care 50ml , Ref. 0010 – Prof. 150 ml
    Smoothing care cream for demanding skin. With oat extract and hyaluronic acid.

  • 0011_OptimalTintedComplexCream
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    Optimal Tinted Complexion Cream Ref. 0011 / 0011P

    Optimal Tinted Complexion Cream Medium
    Ref. 0011 Home care 50 ml , Ref. 0011Р Prof. 100 ml
    Tinted day protection cream with SPF 10 for demanding skin. With moisture retention complex obtained from natural sugars.

  • 0021_LiftingRecoverCream
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    Lifting & Recovery Cream Ref. 0021 / 0021P

    Lifting & Recovery Cream
    Ref. 0021–Home care 50ml , Ref. 0021Р – Prof. 200 ml
    Rich lifting cream with immediate effect for demanding skin. With oat extract and vitamin A palmitate.

  • 0022_VitaforceCCream
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    Vitaforce C Cream Ref. 0022 / 0022P

    Vitaforce C Cream
    Ref. 0022–Home care 50ml , Ref. 0022Р – Prof. 200 ml
    Caring active substance cream for improving the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. With vitamin C phosphate, vitamin E acetate, hyaluronic acid and lemon extract.