AMPOULES is an extensive range of selected active substance concentrates in ampoule form. Ampoules are the optimal form of dosed “one-off application”, i.e. one ampoule is intended for one application and should always be used up in its entirety. Thanks to the germ-free production process (sterile filling under the exclusion of oxygen), ampoules can be offered with a minimum of preservatives.
All ampoules contain long-chain hyaluronic acid for intensively moisturizing the skin in addition to selected active substances.
The ampoule concentrates serve to supplement the general care cosmetics and have the task of boosting their effect. This is optimally achieved if ampoules are applied in the form of a cure, i.e. in daily doses over a period of approx. 2-4 weeks.

Application: To open safely, simply wrap the neck of the ampoule in a paper tissue and break off abruptly. Now gradually pour the content into the palm of your hand and distribute over the skin, pressing in gently. Subsequently apply a corresponding day or night care product.
For external use only.