- Peeling3,20
- Nitrogen or darsonval5,00
- Zakke massage5,20
- Calming mask5,20
- Cure ampoule4,00
Ulrasonic cleaning26,00
Ultrasonic lifting15,50 + masks
Classical massage (includes two cream-masks)20,00
RF LIFTINF22,50-51,00
Hair removal ( hot wax)
- bikini design36,00
- bikini design + colouring42,20
- bikini area10,00
- deep bikini5,00
- one time bikini0,65
- legs till knees15,00
-- underarms8,00
- hands12,00
- eyebrows, ears, upper lip5,00
- MEN ( neck and shoulders )10,00
- one-time wax nozzle1,50
Electrolysis 1 min.1,00
- sterile needlee0,65
Electrolysis under 15 min (1 min)2,50
Hand care - softener mask + massage6,00
Italian massageEnergy-gum (includes 2 masks)22,00
Microsam physiotherapy for face skin and muscles with Dr. Karaev method
- amber sticks40,00
- device45,00
Massage for face skin and muscles with Prof. Nazarov method25,00
Paraffin mask6,00
Treatment ampoules ( 1 pc )6,00
Treatment capsules ( 1 pc )1,00
Matrigelmask + massage30,00
Matrigelmask + massage ( caviar )30,00
Peeling Matrigelmask8,00
Collagen mask(pure collagen, MDI complex, caviar, sokahuni, vitamin C, green tea, breast)18,00
Collagen glasses for eye area7,00
Collagen pads for eye area4,00
Stretching PHYTOGEN mask for eye area10,00
Stretching PHYTOGEN mask based on seaweed15,00
Face lift with AHA acids 40% ja 60%30,00
Breast care25,00
Ear piercing (per piercing )8,00
Body piercing (per piercing)15,00
Piercing (nebula, eyebrow, nose, tounge, lips) (per piercing) (Children under 18 need written conformation by parents )17,00
Piercing not7,00
Eyelash curling26,00
Face diamond grinding 25 min25,00
Face diamond grinding with facial care52,00
All prices include taxes