Back massage
-45 min22,00
-30 min18,00
General massage 1 hour32,00
General massage 1,5 hour42,00
Lava stone massage (Hot Stone Therapy)46,00
Massage with cups25,00
Honey massage25,00
Peeling and creaming for legs10,00
Upper body SPA peeling, creaming(seaweed, green tea, cacoa, cranberry)20,00
Breast care 40 min (peeling,serum,tightening mask)36,00
Wrapping (whole body) 1,5 hour51,00
Wrapping (thighs and buttocks) 45 min (creammask, pastamask, bandages)41,00
Wrapping with massage (thighs and buttocks) 1,5 hour57,00
Nazaroff device - exercise machine16,00
Excercise machine "ORION" - Biomechanical muscle stimulator
- General massage22,00
- Anti-cellulite massage16,00
- 1 min. (seperately hands, shoulders, legs, head)1,50
We are offering wrapping with shocolate, grape, green tea, cranberry or seaweed bandages !
All prices include taxes