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    Irresistible Eye Elixir Ref. 2660

    Irresistible Eye Elixir 

    Ref. 2660-Home care 15 ml

    Eye roll-on with caffeine for an immediate fresh wake-up call for the eye area.

    Eye roll-on with caffeine for an immediate fresh wake-up call for the eye area. The anti-wrinkle peptide blend demonstrably reduces fine lines and wrinkles, while the precious silk acacia extract visibly reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Hyaluronic acid helps to smooth wrinkles around the eyes and improves the elasticity and resilience of the skin.

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    LIFTING COMPLEX 2ML Ref. IC-9199 /IC-9199P

    Lifgting Complex Ampoule

    Ref.9199-Home care 1pc 2ml, 9199P-Prof. 25pc 25x2ml
    Lifting Complex is an intense care for firming and smoothing the skin. Stimulating andregenerating active ingredients activates the collagen and elastin synthesis and stimulates their new formation. The result is an immediately visible lifting effect with long- term effect. To be able to achieve the best result, it is advisable to use the complex as a cure.

    Who is it for?
    Lifting Complex is especially suitable for mature skin and for skin in need of regeneration. For a youthful, smooth skin.

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    AGE REBOOT SERUM Ref. IC-4344 / IC-4344P

    Powerful Anti-Aging treatment
    Ref. 4344-Home care 2×10 ml, 4344P-Prof. 30 ml
    Age Reboot Serum reactivates skin youthfulness with moss stem cells, triple hyaluronic acid and Phyto-EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor). Moss stem cells promote the activity of the cell nucleus, optimize the skin’s moisture balance, improve the skin’s adaptability and resistance to environmental influences and refine the skin for a flawless complexion. Short- and longchain as well as cross-linked hyaluronic acid supply the skin intensively and deeply with moisture, reduce wrinkles and tighten the facial contours sustainably. Phyto-EGF, a vegetable signal peptide, is proven to boost the production of collagen and elastin, thus improving the skin’s elasticity. The skin appears firmer, smoother, more even and radiates youthful freshness.

  • YOUTH PRESERVE CREAM Ref. IC-4125 / IC-4125P
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    YOUTH PRESERVE CREAM Ref. IC-4125 / IC-4125P

    Youth Preserve Cream

    Ref. 4125 Home care 50 ml, 4125P-Prof. 150 ml
    Youth Preserve Cream is a completely new skin care cream for beautiful, youthful skin. The key lies in the activation of repair enzymes (telomerases), the increased synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid plus protection of the telomeres which are responsible for the cell division.

    The highly-active repair stimulating lipids are the special feature in this product. These lipids verifiably protect the skin cells from oxidative stress; the telomerase repair system remains active and premature telomere degeneration is prevented.

    The additional content of rice peptides boosts the activity of repair enzymes. External influences (oxidation and UV radiation) cause less damage to the genetic material. The cells are more vital and live longer.

    Youth Preserve Cream has a restorative effect on the skin tissue, which can be seen by the reduction in expression marks and wrinkles plus the increase in skin density and skin thickness. The cream has a lipid content of 29%. This emollient cream for vitalizing demanding skin is optimally suitable for women who are looking for a more rich treatment cream product.

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    SENSITIVE COMPLEX 2ML Ref. IC-9191 / IC-9191P

    For soothing and normalizing tired, stressed and irritated skin, whose natural protection has to be reestablished
    Ref.9191-Home use 1pc 2ml, 9191P-Proff. 25pc 25x2ml

    For sensitive skin which may still find itself in an extreme situation due to extreme solar radiation or excessive stress. Indications may include: Redness, a feeling of tension, itching, a endency to become inflamed and all disturbances based on a lack of resilience to aggressive, external influences. The necessity of an immediate measure and for alleviating the unpleasant, accompanying symptoms is obvious: Immediate application soothes and relaxes the skin, and should also be continued for a few days once the skin irritation has abated. If the cause is a general disposition towards sensitive skin, application in the form of a course of treatment is recommended to strengthen the skin’s native defense and barrier properties. Deep and longlasting moisturization promotes the normalization process: The fluid therefore contains moisturizing components.

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    Ref. 4343-Home care 1 pc
    PURE VITAL C BOOSTER is a skin refining, anti-oxidative active agent concentrate which is freshly prepared just before application. The vitamin C pearls armixed with the activator solution and then distributed on the skin. In this way the highly concentrated vitamin C develops its full effectiveness.

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    Volumizing Lip Remedy Ref. IC – 4400

    Volumizing Lip Remedy
    Ref. 4400-Home care 1 pc
    Volumizing Lip Remedy is an intensively smoothing lip care stick with volume effect for seductive, full lips. The premium formula combines the innovative peptide complex Volulip® with exquisite oils and moisturizing hyaluronic acid. It provides silky soft lips instantly and protects the sensitive lip skin from drying out for a long time. With regular use, the lips appear fuller and more voluminous from day to day.

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    Luxury Oil Cleanser Ref. 1102 / 1102P

    Luxury Oil Cleanser

    Ref. 1102-Home care 100 ml, 1100Р-Prof. 100 ml


    Cleansing oil with 100% natural oils with a golden shimmer for a thorough skin cleansing.

    A cleansing oil with 100% natural oils which has a golden shimmer and thoroughly removes even waterproof eye make-up. Thanks to the high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids it contains, the Gold of Pleasure Oil smooths the skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.  

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    Good Night Hand Mask Ref. 2502

    Good Night Hand Mask
    Ref. 2502-Home care 75 ml

    In everyday life, external stressors have a particularly harmful impact on hands. Frequent hand-washing, temperature changes and negative environmental influences are just some of the factors that cause skin to become dry and sensitive. What’s more, hands have a natural tendency to become dry since they contain few sebaceous glands.

    GOODNIGHT HAND MASK provides noticeably smoother hands overnight. The rich formula nourishes dry and stressed skin with a moisturising and soothing combination of glycerin, urea and bisabolol. Even the skin around the fingernails is intensely nourished. It supports the regeneration of cracked cuticles and prevents repeat tearing. In addition, the biotin contained in the formula strengthens the nail’s structure and increases its resistance. Dry, brittle nails once again become firm, elastic and shiny.

    GOODNIGHT HAND MASK is a spa treatment for home use. When applied one to two times a week, it results in superbly smooth, noticeably velvety hands and beautifully groomed nails.

    • For noticeably smoother hands overnight
    • Provides the nails with firmness and elasticity
    • Strengthens the nail´s structure
    • Nourishes the cuticle
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    Anti Fatigue/Anti Hangover Eye Lift Ref. IC-1050

    Serum for Eye Area Size : 15ml Product Presentation : Serum-Gel


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  • 1917P_SkinContourFluid
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    Skin Contour Fluid (improving facial contours) Ref. 1917 / 1917P

    Skin Contour Fluid (improving facial contours)

    Ref. 1917-Home care 1x2ml , Ref. 1917Р–Proff. 25×2 ml
    Skin firming concentrate with elastin-stimulating peptides.

  • 1900_3_EyeFlashFluid
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    Eye Flash Fluid (lifting for the eye area) Ref. 1900 / 1900P

    Eye Flash Fluid
    Ref. 1900-Home care 1x2ml , Ref. 1900Р–Proff.. 25×2 ml
    Hydrating eye serum with hyaluronic acid and a peptide complex.

  • 1992_AntiWrinkleBooster
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    Anti Wrinkle Booster Ref. 1992 / 1992P

    Anti Wrinkle Booster
    Ref. 1992-Home care 1x2ml ,Ref. 1992Р-Proff. 25×2 ml
    Highly concentrated anti-wrinkle serum with skin tightening biopolymer Instensyl®, Gatuline® Expression and hyaluronic acid complex.

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    Brilliance Shine Elixir Ref. 1290 / 1290P

    Brilliance Shine Elixir
    Ref. 1290-Home care 1x2ml , Ref. 1290Р–Proff. 25×2 ml
    Highly-concentrated active ingredient ampoule with immediate effect, for tired, drawn skin.

    The highly-concentrated active ingredient ampoule with immediate effect, for tired, drawn skin. Persian silk tree extract, Matrixyl™ Synthe‘6™ and hyaluronic acid compensate for signs of fatigue on the skin immediately, giving it a fresh and youthful complexion.