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    Luxurious care cream for neck and décolleté

    Ref.9843-Home use 50 ml, 9843P-Proff. 100 ml


    Brand new from the research of inspira: cosmetics comes the luxurious care cream for neck and décolleté: the Firming Neck & Decolleté Wonder.

    Firming Neck & Decolleté Wonder Cream  is suitable for all skin types.

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    Intence Recovery Treatment Kit Ref. 898401

    Intence Recovery Treatment Kit
    Ref. 898401-Professional kit 1 pc


    !0 times professional treatment

    • Intense Recovery Peel-Off Mask – 10 masks
    • Bi-Phase Skin Recovery Fluid – 10×2 ml ampoules
    • Intense Recovery Massage Cream – 75 ml
    • Intense Recovery Serum – 30 ml
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    Retinol Lift Serum Ref. 82632 / 82632P

    Retinol Lift Serum

    Ref. 82632-Retail  30 ml, 82632P- Proff. 50 ml


    An effective anti-ageing serum wit collagen stimulating retinol.

    To celebrate its 25th anniversary, JANSSEN COSMETICS has developed a regenerating lifting serum with highly concentrated retinol. Retinol is one of the most thoroughly researched and efficient active anti-ageing ingredients. It stimulates collagen synthesis and makes small wrinkles almost disappear. In the long term, retinol improves the appearance of age spots and pigmentation. The effective anti-ageing serum helps restore a youthful appearance and leaves you with a rosy-fresh complexion.

    Encapsulation in liposomes enables the active substance to be transferred to deeper skin layers, therefore improving the bioavailability in the skin.

    Niacinamide complements the powerful active ingredient retinol in an ideal way because it has a similar effect. In addition, niacinamide improves the skin’s natural barrier function and ensures good tolerability of the formula. Precious sea buckthorn oil protects against free radicals while pullulan tightens the skin. Last but not least, the deep-acting anti-ageing serum scores points with its plumping hyaluronic acid and precious nourishing lipids such as macadamia nut oil and shea butter.


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    Floral Energy Massage Cream 75 ml Ref. 83303

    Floral Energy Serum
    Ref. 83303-Home care 75 ml


    Floral Energy Massage Cream is a rich oil-in-water emulsion enriched with extracts from noble flowers to pamper stressed winter skin and revitalize tired skin cells.

    The combination of noble flower extracts from edelweiss, alpine rose, damask rose and lupin soothes the skin and strengthens your resistance to external stressors. The massage cream also contains beneficial vegetable fats and oils that provide the skin with invaluable lipids and give it instant suppleness. Short and long-chain hyaluronic acid plumps out small wrinkles and provides intensive moisture. Allantoin can reduce irritation.


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    Skin strengthening serum for more resistance

    Ref. 991.0092-Home care 30 ml

    Floral Energy Serum combines highly concentrated flower extracts from edelweiss, alpine rose, lupin, and damask rose to revitalize the skin and strengthen its natural protective barrier.

    Alpine rose strengthens the resistance of the skin’s stem cells while protecting against UV-induced stress. The edelweiss extract used also supports the skin’s natural barrier function and helps it become more resistant to environmental influences. Lupin promotes the production of epidermal proteins and lipids, and thus also strengthens the skin’s barrier function. Rose water has an antioxidant effect and protects against free radicals. Finally, the deep-acting anti-aging serum scores points with its plumping hyaluronic acid and precious nourishing lipids such as macadamia nut oil and shea butter.

    The result? The skin appears smoother and more resistant, wrinkles are reduced, and the skin looks fantastically radiant.

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    DE LUX BODY POLISH Ref. IC-6750 / IC-6750P

    De Luxe Body Polish with Damasc Rose extract

    Ref.6750-Home use 200 ml, 6750P-Proff. 500 ml


    The pale pink sugar-based peeling paste with high-quality natural ingredients such as shea butter, candelilla wax and sunflower oil gently removes dead skin cells and at the same time intensively cares for the skin. An extract of the precious Damasc Rose moisturises and soothes the skin. The skin is wonderfully soft to the touch and enveloped in an exclusive fragrance.

    De Luxe Body Polish with Damasc Rose extract is suitable for all skin types.

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    Hyalurone Impulse Ref. 5024 / 5024P

    Ref.5024-Retail 50 tk , Ref. 5024P – Prof. 150 tk

    If dry skin is particularly brittle, applying a day cream in the morning is often not sufficient. Additional care to improve the feel of the skin and for application as and when individually required now takes on particular importance.
    Hyaluron Impulse is small care capsules which resemble pinkish, shimmering pearls. The creamy, soft content is intended for external application. Together, the extraordinary texture and modern contents provide an optimal skin care experience and result: the capsule’s rich contents are distributed over the skin, leaving it feeling velvety soft, gentle and supple. Each individual application leaves the skin beautiful and smooth.
    Hyaluron Impulse is suitable for application with and without day or night care. Applied directly beneath make-up, dry skin regains its silky-matte shimmer.
    The small capsules are both ideal and space-saving companions on trips, and can be packed into even the smallest of bags.


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    PREMIUM AGE PROTECTOR SPF 30 Ref. 4129 / 4129P

    Premium Age Protector

    Ref.4129-Home use 50 ml, 4129P-Proff. 100 ml


    Premium Age Protector SPF 30 is a genuine multi-talent. This high-quality cream reliably protects the skin against UV radiation and simultaneously lends it a brighter and more even complexion. It also reduces existing age spots and prevents the occurrence of new pigment shifts or redness. The skin is intensively smoothed and the pore profile refined.   Particularly after a fruit acid treatment, the skin is thinner and therefore reacts more sensitively to UV radiation. Following each fruit acid treatment and a further 4 weeks afterwards, it must therefore be protected with a high light protection filter to avoid pigment shifts. Premium Age Protector SPF 30 is the ideal day care following an inspira med treatment. It guarantees the skin an evenly bright complexion and perfect protection against UV radiation.

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    CAVIAR COMPLEX Ref. IC-9914 / IC9914P

    Caviar Complex

    Ref.9914-Home use 7tk x 2 ml, 9914P-Proff. 25tk 25x2ml


    Caviar Complex is the repair care for tired skin lacking in vitality. Noble caviar extract and other active substances stimulate the metabolism, structure and firm the skin. Glycerin provides moisture, Artemia extract from marine plankton activates cell metabolism as an energy carrier and booster.

    Caviar Complex is especially suitable for tired, poor circulated skin. The cell metabolism is stimulated, the skin restructured and strengthened.

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    Immediate Calming SOS Mask MINI

    Ref. 969.5500-Home care 5 ml

    Allantoin, alpha bisabolol and Biophytex immediately reduce the appearance of redness and irritation, while Pentavitin and hyaluronic acid will smoothe the skin and moisturise it intensively. Innovative leave-on texture. The mask is absorbed into the skin completely (ideally overnight).

    7.20  sis.KM


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    Eye Flash Fluid (lifting for the eye area) Ref. 1900 / 1900P

    Eye Flash Fluid
    Ref. 1900-Home care 1×1,5 ml , Ref. 1900Р–Proff. 25×1,5 ml
    Hydrating eye serum with hyaluronic acid and a peptide complex.

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    Anti Wrinkle Booster Ref. 1992 / 1992P

    Anti Wrinkle Booster
    Ref. 1992-Home care 1x2ml ,Ref. 1992Р-Proff. 25×2 ml
    Highly concentrated anti-wrinkle serum with skin tightening biopolymer Instensyl®, Gatuline® Expression and hyaluronic acid complex.

    2.67 22.14  sis.KM
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    Brilliance Shine Elixir Ref. 1290 / 1290P

    Brilliance Shine Elixir
    Ref. 1290-Home care 1x2ml , Ref. 1290Р–Proff. 25×2 ml
    Highly-concentrated active ingredient ampoule with immediate effect, for tired, drawn skin.

    The highly-concentrated active ingredient ampoule with immediate effect, for tired, drawn skin. Persian silk tree extract, Matrixyl™ Synthe‘6™ and hyaluronic acid compensate for signs of fatigue on the skin immediately, giving it a fresh and youthful complexion.

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    Hyaluron Fluid (dry, dehydrated skin) Ref. 1951 /1951P

    Hyaluron Fluid (dry, dehydrated skin)

    Ref. 1951-Home care 1x2ml , Ref. 1951Р-Proff. 25×2 ml
    Highly-concentrated serum for perceptibly more moisture in the case of dehydrated and very dehydrated skin. With short- and long-chain hyaluronic acid.

    2.67 22.14  sis.KM