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"Janssen Cosmetics – A pioneer in cosmeceuticals

The success story of Janssen Cosmetics started with the vision of creating care products that go beyond those products already available on the cosmetics market! Company founder Walther Janssen set out in search of highly efficient active ingredients that go beneath the skin and promise more than the superficial skincare that was the norm until that point. Providing great results right down to the deepest layers of the skin was the challenge faced by Janssen Cosmetics in 1990.

A symbiosis of pharmaceutical and cosmetic active ingredients form the basis of today's Janssen Cosmetics care products and make the transition from true beauty to scientifically sound skincare an easy one. Only active ingredients with convincing visible and tangible results and high skin tolerability are used in the care products of Janssen Cosmetics.

Thanks to close cooperation with esteemed dermatologists and leading research laboratories, JANSSEN COSMETICS has succeeded in creating system care products that meet the skin’s diverse needs perfectly. Each cosmeceutical series is based on an active ingredient concept that is perfectly tailored to various skin types and achieves immediate and long lasting skin improvement.

Today, the product range from Janssen Cosmetics includes more than 250 commercial and treatment products for your beauty cabinet. Whether it be deep impact cosmeceutical products, premium luxury care or relaxing wellness rituals – Janssen Cosmetics leaves no wish unfulfilled!

We place the highest value on quality and skin tolerability. All products bear the “Made in Germany” quality seal and have been awarded TÜV certification. From extracting the raw materials through to processing and bottling the product – at Janssen Cosmetics, every step in our quality management process is meticulously controlled and documented. The latest active ingredient complexes, processing techniques, and research results will be promptly reviewed and considered for new developments."

  • Mild Creamy Cleanser Ref. 500 500P
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    Mild Creamy Cleanser Ref. 500 / 500P

    Ref. 500-Retail 200ml, Ref. 500Р-Prof. 500 ml

    Gentle and thorough cleansing is particularly important for dry skin. On one hand, impurities, make-up and dead skin cells should be removed thoroughly, and on the other hand, this process should dehydrate or even irritate the skin as little as possible.
    Mild Creamy Cleanser is water-soluble and has a rich, creamy consistency. This enables quick make-up removal. Make-up residues are removed both thoroughly and gently. Particles of dirt and native skin excretions are easily removed and are simply rinsed off with water.
    The sensation of pleasant cleanliness is therefore followed by perceptibly soft and supple skin.


  • Radiant Firming Tonic Ref. 501
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    Radiant Firming Tonic Ref. 501 / 501P

    Ref. 501-Retail 200ml, Ref. 501Р-Prof. 500 ml

    Thorough, pore-deep cleansing for effective skin care is only completed when the cleansing preparation is followed by a facial tonic.
    The facial tonic removes undesired water residues and any cleansing product residues from the surface of the skin. With its refreshing and reviving function, it restores the skin’s equilibrium and enhances the effect of subsequent care preparations.
    Radiant Firming Tonic is a mild, alcohol-free facial tonic with a skin-friendly pH value. It boosts individual well-being each time it is applied and revives the skin, perceptibly toning and refreshing it.

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    Mild face Rub Ref. 508 / 508P

    Ref. 508-Retail 50ml, Ref. 508Р – Prof. 200 ml

    Moisture-deficient skin is often brittle and rough. The horny cells’ irregularity is comparable with a damaged roof: the external matrix has lost its reliable protection function. As a result, its ability to store moisture is severely impaired. To prevent this scenario from occurring in the first place, the horny lamellae on the surface should be regularly and gently removed.
    Mild Face Rub is a mild peeling cream. It contains abrasive particles consisting of jojoba wax, which roll over the surface of the skin like small beads of wax. They perceptibly smooth dry skin and prevent the occurrence of blackheads.
    Mild Face Rub pampers the skin even during application. Gentle and smooth, it is applied and massaged in like a rich cream. The abrasive strength of the peeling is attributable solely to the intensity and duration of the massage. As it is water-soluble, it is simply washed off again like a cleansing lotion.
    Mild Face Rub makes dry skin soft, supple and smooth again.



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    Aquatence Moisture Gel Ref. 511 / 511P

    Ref. 511–Retail 50ml , Ref. 511Р – Prof. 150 ml

    Moisture-deficient skin reveals a reduced water content in the horny layer.
    Natural moisture retention factors which are released during cell renewal are responsible for binding moisture in the skin. If an insufficient quantity of these is present, the skin is lacking in moisture, it loses its suppleness and is no longer able to fulfill its barrier function. Our environment and the hectic pace of daily life also impact negatively on the sensitive skin on the face. To retain its youthful, radiant appearance, there is only one solution to meet the skin’s basic need: to supply it with sufficient moisture.
    However, moisturizing products alone are not enough. In close collaboration with our scientific laboratory we have therefore developed a product that goes one step further to establish a continuous, balanced moisture supply.
    Aquatense Moisture Gel+ is intensive, immediate assistance that intensively supplies thirsty skin with moisture. Fine wrinkles caused by dryness are smoothed, the complexion is improved and support is provided to reduce the harmful effect of free radicals caused by UV.
    The unique active substance aquaporin-stimulating peptide (ASP) promotes the skin’s native aquaporins, the cells’ “water fountains”. It ensures a balanced moisture supply, as the synthesis of new water/glycerin channels (in the cell membrane) between the individual cells in the epidermis is stimulated. This promotes the transport of water and glycerin from the inside to the outside. The more of these water channels a cell membrane has, the more moisture enters the interior of the cell. As a result, skin hydration is not only maintained but actually increased with aquaporin-stimulating peptide (ASP).
    In addition, a hydro complex consisting of moisture-binding active substances such as hyaluronic acid and the Atlantic green algae extract provides particular help in establishing a moisture deposit.
    Antioxidants protect the epidermis against free radicals.
    Perfectly supplied with moisture and protected against premature signs of aging, the skin again becomes pleasantly soft and supple.

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    Day Vitalizer Reg. 517 / 517P

    Ref. 517–Retail 50ml , Ref. 517P – Prof. 150 ml

    Consistent, daily care is indispensable for dry skin. If the skin is deficient in moisture and lipids, its elasticity decreases significantly and creases caused by dryness form far too quickly. Even in young skin, the complexion appears pale and unattractive.
    Day Vitalizer is a soft but nevertheless rich day care cream for dry skin. It offers balanced protection in all situations in which moisture is drawn from the skin: climate-controlled and excessively heated rooms, exposure to the sun, wind and weather stress, car and air travel.
    Day Vitalizer refills the moisture deposit of moisture-deficient and slightly lipid-deficient skin, making it supple and smooth.


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    Hyalurone Impulse Ref. 524 / 524P

    Ref.524-Retail 50 tk , Ref. 524P – Prof. 150 tk

    If dry skin is particularly brittle, applying a day cream in the morning is often not sufficient. Additional care to improve the feel of the skin and for application as and when individually required now takes on particular importance.
    Hyaluron Impulse is small care capsules which resemble pinkish, shimmering pearls. The creamy, soft content is intended for external application. Together, the extraordinary texture and modern contents provide an optimal skin care experience and result: the capsule’s rich contents are distributed over the skin, leaving it feeling velvety soft, gentle and supple. Each individual application leaves the skin beautiful and smooth.
    Hyaluron Impulse is suitable for application with and without day or night care. Applied directly beneath make-up, dry skin regains its silky-matte shimmer.
    The small capsules are both ideal and space-saving companions on trips, and can be packed into even the smallest of bags.


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    Night Replinisher Ref. 527 / 527P

    Ref. 527–Retail 50ml , Ref. 527P- Prof. 200 ml

    Controlled by the complex mechanisms of cell activity, the skin’s natural functions immediately react to environmental stimuli. In the present, stress-laden day and age, this is precisely why it is absolutely vital to strengthen the skin’s native protection and actively support it from the outside. This is most effectively carried out during nightly rest in the sense of deep-acting care.
    Night Replenisher is a rich night cream with a soft consistency. Modern active substances balance out lipid and moisture deficiencies. Brittle and dry skin regains its elastic and supple surface. In addition, the barrier function of dry skin is supported in such a way that it is able to increasingly unfold its optimal protection against further dehydration.
    Night Replenisher cares for dry skin whilst you are asleep. Thus fortified, it is able to cope with the day’s requirements.


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    Hydrating Skin Complex Ref. 535 / 535P

    Ref. 535-Retail 30ml , Ref. 535P – Prof. 50 ml

    Hyaluronic acid is a natural and important constituent of human skin. It has the tasks of supporting connective tissue fibers and structural proteins and binding moisture. If the production of hyaluronic acid declines, e.g. following intensive sunbathing, dryness and loss of elasticity increase. Even in young skin, initial creases caused by dryness then appear all too quickly. Only an effective moisturizer is now able to help!
    Hydrating Skin Complex is an effective moisture concentrate. Its long- and short-chain hyaluronic acid content serves to intensively moisturize the epidermis. Bound closely to the skin surface and with the ability to store additional moisture, the gel concentrate develops its effect.
    Each application guarantees freshness and ensures beautiful, smooth skin.


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    Eye Zone Gel Ref. 561 / 561P

    Ref. 561-Retail 30ml , Ref. 561Р – Prof. 30.ml

    No other area of the face is as sensitive as the eye area. The skin here is 5 to 10 times thinner than anywhere else on the face. It also has hardly any sebum glands and no padding adipose tissue.
    If the fine vessel walls are naturally lacking in resilience and a sluggish lymphatic system is added, blood shimmers through the porous capillary walls and leaves dark shadows behind. Additional fatigue and stress make the rings around the eyes even more pronounced and the eye contour decreases in firmness. Specific care is now needed to strengthen the eye contour tissue and simultaneously relieve it.
    Eye Zone Gel is a particularly refreshing eye contour gel for immediate assistance. It smoothes creases caused by dryness and sustainably supplies moisture. It also causes swelling to abate rapidly and effectively combats dark rings around the eyes.

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    Hydrating Gel Mask Ref. 590 / 590P

    Ref. 590-Retail 75 ml , Ref. 590P – Prof. 200 ml.

    Masks are balm for the skin. They are able to refresh, cleanse and regenerate the skin. Masks are able to balance out wrinkles caused by dryness, smooth wrinkles and give a tired complexion a real energy boost. Special feature: the effect is immediately visible. Masks are more intensive than normal care products, as they contain higher concentrations of special active substances. The active substances penetrate deeper into the skin and the skin is immediately left feeling softer and smoother.
    Hydrating Gel Mask+ is an intensive effect mask that intensively supplies thirsty skin with moisture. The product’s light, gel-like consistency binds the moisture in the epidermis and restores the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier.
    The unique active substance aquaporin-stimulating peptide (ASP) promotes the skin’s native aquaporins, the cells’ “water fountains”. It ensures a balanced moisture supply, as the synthesis of new water/glycerin channels (in the cell membrane) between the individual cells in the epidermis is stimulated. This promotes the transport of water and glycerin from the inside to the outside. The more of these water channels a cell membrane has, the more moisture enters the interior of the cell. As a result, skin hydration is not only maintained but actually increased with aquaporin-stimulating peptide (ASP).
    The root extract from the desert plant Imperata cylindrica additionally retains the skin’s moisture content and ensures a quick and continuous supply of moisture. Sorbitol, a plant-based sugar with moisturizing properties, helps to bind water molecules on the surface of the skin.
    The high concentration of moisture retention substances immediately lends the skin a feeling of freshness and is also based on a long-term effect. Even 24 hours after application, the moisture content is still increased by 20%!
    The skin takes on a visibly healthy, vital appearance in the long term, a refined skin profile and an even, silky-soft complexion.

  • 4400_ClarifyingCleansingGel
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    Clarifying Cleancing Gel Ref. 4400 / 4400P

    Clarifying Cleansing Gel
    Ref. 4400-Home care 200ml , Ref. 4400Р – Prof.500 ml

    Mild cleansing gel for oily, blemished skin. With yeast extract for clear, pure skin.

  • 4401_PurifyingTonicLotion
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    Purifying Tonic Lotion Ref. 4401 / 4401P

    Purifying Tonic Lotion
    Ref. 4401-Home care 200ml , Ref. 4401Р- Prof. 500 ml
    Sebum flow-regulating tonic for oily, blemished skin. With yeast extract for clear, pure skin.