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The synergy of medicine and cosmetics – made in Germany
The skin, our largest organ, is exposed to various external and internal influences every day. Professional stress, dry air created by heating systems, fast food, alcohol, stimulants like tobacco and environmental influences all affect it. This constant stress leaves behind visible evidence like premature wrinkles, pigmentation marks, a pale complexion and redness. Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to strip off your old skin and replace it with a new one? The good news is you can! With inspira: med, the gentle alternative to plastic surgery, a holistic method has been developed to help the skin regain its smooth, youthful appearance quickly and then maintain an even, radiant complexion. inspira: med treatment relies on a reliable duo: the dermatologist, beauty professional and YOU. The secret to its success is its perfect combination of treatment sessions at a medical spa or institute and subsequent care taken by you at home using products specially developed for this. inspira: med is a holistic method that consists of just three steps. In step one, the skin’s surface is gently removed using fruit acid products to free the skin of its grey tinge. In step two, regeneration processes in the skin at cellular level are triggered, and in step three, tailored products that protect the regenerated skin and keep it looking young for longer are used.

  • PRIME CLEANSER Ref. IC-4100 / IC-4100P
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    PRIME CLEANSER Ref. IC-4100 / IC-4100P

    Prime Cleanser
    Ref. 4100-Home care 150 ml, 4100P-Prof. 250 ml
    Prime Cleanser is the skin-specific cleansing lotion to prepare all skin types for the treatment with gels containing fruit acids. Thoroughly removes superficial dirt, make-up and native skin flakes. Even during cleansing, the fruit acid and salicylic acid content has a keratolytic effect, i.e. it dissolves hornification and thus prevents blemishes effectively. The skin is left clean and clear. This is also aided by the slightly acidic pH value. Prime Cleanser optimally prepares the skin for the treatment with Peel Exfoliator in any
    concentration. Do not use Prime Cleanser around the eyes.

  • SKIN CLEANSING GEL Ref. IC-4105 / IC-4105P
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    SKIN CLEANSING GEL Ref. IC-4105 / IC-4105P

    Skin Cleansing Gel
    Ref. 4105-Home care 150 ml, 4105P-Prof. 250 ml
    Skin Cleansing Gel is a mild, skin-friendly cleansing product for all skin types, and is especially suitable for sensitive skin. It reliably and effortlessly removes particles of dirt, make-up and excess sebum. The skin is then pleasantly refreshed and feels clean without any unpleasant sensations of tension. All of the contents are carefully selected so that the gel can also be usedmto remove eye make-up. The gel cleanses thoroughly without irritating this sensitive area of skin or stressing it unnecessarily due to intensive rubbing. After cleansing with Skin Cleansing Gel, the skin is thoroughly cleansed and perfectly prepared for the subsequent active substance products.

    Especially suitable for application in the beauty salon, as it contains no fruit acids unlike Prime Cleanser.

  • TRI PHASE CLEANSER Ref. IC-4110 / IC-4110P
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    TRI PHASE CLEANSER Ref. IC-4110 / IC-4110P

    Kolmefaasiline puhastusemulsioon
    Ref. 4110-Koduhooldus 100 ml, 4110P-Proff. 100 ml
    Tri Phase Cleanser is an Innovative tri phase cleanser concentrate with multi adaptive texture. When applying the gel turns into an oil and when rinsing with water into a milk. Thus the product is cleansing the facial skin very thoroughly and removes oil- and water-soluble particles like intensive make up, sebum and environmental pollution very gently. The formula does not dry out the skin and cares with high quality sun flower oil. Panthenol soothes and the high performance moisturizer Pentavitin® with 72 hours long term effect intensively moisturizes already when cleansing. Suited for all skin types.

  • RESTORATIVE CREAM Ref. IC-4120 / IC-4120P
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    RESTORATIVE CREAM Ref. IC-4120 / IC-4120P

    Restorative cream
    Ref. 4120-Home use 50 ml, 4120P-Proff. 150 ml
    Night cream with glycolic acid and fruit acids to support skin renewal.

  • SKIN DEFENSE CREAM Ref. IC-4122 / IC-4122P
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    SKIN DEFENSE CREAM Ref. IC-4122 / IC-4122P

    Skin Defense Cream 
    Ref. 4122 Home care 50 ml, 4122P-Prof. 150 ml
    When the skin’s natural barrier is disturbed, the skin tends to become irritable. It is no longer able to adequately protect itself against external influences such as climatic conditions, sunlight, environmental toxins, etc. It also reacts increasingly sensitively to foreign substances. The consequence: redness and irritation.

    Skin Defense Cream, a rich care formula with a lipid content of 25%, is the ideal care for sensitive and irritable skin. With its special active substances, it helps to restore an intact hydrolipidic film. Redness and skin irritation are reduced and the skin’s resilience is increased, therefore preventing the occurrence of new irritation. The irritated skin rapidly becomes soft and supple again; the well-being of relaxed skin is guaranteed.

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    Fair Complexion Cream

    Ref. 4123 Home care 50 ml, 4123P-Prof. 150 ml

    Hyperpigmented areas of skin and age spots are particularly disturbing, as they are extremely noticeable and difficult to conceal. The causes may be varied: hormonal fluctuations, hereditary disposition, side-effects of medicines or also simply the natural aging process. What do women want? The most flawless skin possible – even, rosy and fresh with fine pores!

    Fair Complexion Cream is a skin-brightening care cream for skin which tends to reveal pigment shifts or age spots.
    The skin’s melanin content is reduced thanks to the regular application of Fair Complexion Cream. Existing pigment shifts and age spots are reduced and the occurrence of new spots is prevented. The skin therefore becomes lighter and the flecks pale in the long term. To ensure the success of this care cream in the long term, the skin must always be very well protected against UV radiation, especially during a course of fruit acid treatment. Customers should be exposed to direct and excessive UV radiation as little as possible and should always use a product with a high light protection filter, e.g. Premium Age Protector SPF 30, during the day.

  • FACE SCULPTURE CREAM Ref. IC-4127 / IC-4127P
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    FACE SCULPTURE CREAM Ref. IC-4127 / IC-4127P

    Face Sculpture 
    Ref. 4127 Home care 50 ml, 4127P-Prof. 150 ml
    The latest studies using computer simulation have revealed that the contour of the face plays a crucial role in estimating a woman’s age. Sagging cheek areas cause us to appear older, even if the skin is otherwise smooth, rosy and flawless.

    Face Sculpture Cream is the answer to this problem. This reconstructing cream “pads out” skin in need of regeneration from its depths and therefore remodels the facial contours so that the customer feels good in her skin again.The cream is used wherever skin aging is taking place. The new and innovative contents based on elastin-stimulating peptides with scientifically proven effect lift and firm the facial contours and lend the skin a youthful radiance

    However, Face Sculpture Cream can do more than this! Thanks to a highly-active plant extract consisting of Rabdosia Rubescens and Sigesbeckia Orientalis, it specifically combats pigmentation disorders and age spots caused by melanin accumulations. It also reduces unattractive skin redness which can form as we age.

    Face Sculpture Cream lends the skin a visibly more even and radiant complexion.

    Face Sculpture Cream contains 27% of lipids. The emollient cream to restructure the skin contours is perfectly suited for women who prefer a rich facial care.

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    Premium Age Protector Ultra

    Ref. 4128 Home care 50 ml, 4128P-Prof. 150 ml

    Protects the skin against UV radiation. Vitamin A counteracts skin ageing and a soft focus pigment produces an optical diffuser effect. Evermat® regulates sebum production, refines the pores and reduces oily shine. Distribute over the face in the morning.

    Distribute over the face in the morning.

  • FACE SCULPTURE SERUM Ref. IC-4130 / IC-4130P
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    FACE SCULPTURE SERUM Ref. IC-4130 / IC-4130P

    Face Sculpture Serum

    Ref. 4130-Home care 30ml , 4130P-Prof. 50ml
    Face Sculpture Serum is a highly-concentrated and thus ultra-active elixir for refining the skin structure and lifting the facial contours. It remodels skin in need of regeneration and firms it from its depths. The product acts where the aging process starts.

  • SKIN DEFENSE SERUM Ref. IC-4131 / IC-4131P
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    SKIN DEFENSE SERUM Ref. IC-4131 / IC-4131P

    Skin Defense Serum 
    Ref. 4131-Home care 30 ml, 4131P-Prof. 50 ml

    Skin Defense Serum is a highly-concentrated and therefore ultra-effective elixir with immediate and long-term effect. Its valuable active ingredients significantly reduce the skin’s sensitivity and reactivity. Firstly, the serum soothes irritated skin immediately after application. Secondly, it is able to significantly reduce skin irritability in the long term. Skin sensitivity is significantly reduced by 60% after a 4-week period of application!

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    Fair Complexion Serum

    Ref. 4133-Home care 30 ml, 4133P-Prof. 50 ml
    Fair Complexion Serum is a highly-concentrated and thus ultra-effective elixir for brightening the skin. It is perfectly suited for the  treatment of age spots and pigmentation disorders. At the same time, it leads to a smooth, even complexion by inhibiting melanin synthesis.

  • YOUTH PRESERVE SERUM Ref. IC-4135 / IC-4135P
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    YOUTH PRESERVE SERUM Ref. IC-4135 / IC-4135P

    Youth Preserve Serum

    Ref. 4135-Home care 30ml, Prof. 4135P 50ml
    Youth Preserve Serum protects the skin against the first signs of aging. It prevents damage at molecular level, protects the cells and mitochondria and slows down telomere shortening.
    Additionally it has a skin-structuring effect to reduce the depth of wrinkles and increase the skin’s density and thickness. The skin is additionally protected against the harmful effect of UV radiation.