BODY – An effective care product range for treating the body

A pronounced awareness of one’s body has become a matter of course nowadays. Men and women are paying increased attention to their figure. Regular sport, a healthy diet and special care preparations are an absolute must for keeping the body in form.

With the BODY product series, JANSSEN COSMETICS has developed an effective care product range for treating the body. Innovative active substances combat problem zones and guarantee a beautifully shaped silhouette with noticeably lifted contours.
The body rapidly regains its top form. BODY by JANSSEN COSMETICS leaves the skin looking more supple and youthfully smooth.

  • 7000_OxygenatingBodyScrub
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    Oxygenating Body Scrub Ref. 7000 / 7000P

    Oxygenating Body Scrub
    Ref. 7000-Home care 200 ml, Prof.7000P-1000 ml
    Stimulating shower peeling. Reveals smooth new skin and offers a pleasantly fresh fragrance. With algae extract, coco betaine, plankton extract.

  • 7210_HandCareCream
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    Hand Care Cream Ref. 7210

    Hand Care Cream
    Ref. 7210-Home care 75 ml
    Protective and skin-smoothing hand cream with a soft texture. Cares for stressed hands and cuticles without leaving greasy traces.With Echinacea purpurea, bisabolol and farnesol.

  • 7230_StretchMarkCream
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    Stretch Mark Cream Ref. 7230

    Stretch Mark Cream
    Ref. 7230-Home care 200 ml
    Herbal cream for the effective care of stretch marks on the body. With Siegesbeckia orientalis, mango seed oil plus vitamins C and E.

  • 7240_VitaforceACE_BodyCream
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    Vitaforce ACE Body Cream Ref. 7240

    Vitaforce ACE Body Cream 200ml
    Ref. 7240-Home care 200 ml

    This is a silky smooth body cream enriched with the three valuable vitamins, vitamins A, C and E, as well as shea butter, hyaluronic acid and Pentavitin®.

  • 7510P_BodyToningModelage
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    Body Toning Modelage Ref. 7510P

    Body Toning Modelage

    Ref. 7510Р-Prof. 500 ml
    Body emulsion with thermal effect for an intensive body massage. With avocado oil, jojoba oil and nicotinic acid methyl ester.

  • 7580P_BodySculpturingMassageTuscany
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    Body Sculpturing Massage “Tuscany” Ref. 7580P

    Body Sculpturing Massage “TUSCANY”
    Ref. 7580P-Prof. 1000 ml
    Skin firming massage cream with Q10 enzyme and mango butter for an intensive body massage.

  • 7688P_MultiActionAlgaePackBrittany
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    Multi Action Algae Pack “Brittany” Ref. 7688P

    Multi Action Algae Pack ” Brittany ” 
    Ref. 7688Р-Proff.4 kg
    Fine powder mixture consisting of brown and red algae to refine and firm the body contour. Gently stimulates the metabolism at the same time.

  • 7690P_CryogenicAlginateArctic
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    Cryogenic Alginate “Arctic” Ref. 7690P

    Creogenic Alginate «Arctic» 
    Ref. 7690Р-Prof. 150 g
    Refreshing peel-off body mask with algae. Has a cooling and lifting effect.

  • 7700_PerfectBustFormula
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    Perfect Bust Formula Ref. 7700 / 7700P

    Perfect Bust Formula
    Ref. 7700–Home care 75 ml, Prof.7700P–200 ml
    A well-formed neckline is the epitome of femininity. With Perfect Bust complex consisting of mangosteen, quince and algae bioferment plus ESP (elastin-stimulating peptides), hyaluronic acid and macadamia oil.

  • 7801_BodyContourBooster
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    Body Contour Booster Ref. 7801 / 7801P

    Body Contour Booster

    Ref. 7801-Home care 150 ml, Prof. 7801P-300ml


    Thermoactive gel for intensive skin care targeting cellulite and fat cells. With plant-based Cellu-Slim Complex.

    Cellulite is not your destiny. With the right combination of intensive care, sport, nutrition and discipline, you can combat cellulite and fat cells. Body Contour Booster is a refreshing, thermoactive gel with an innovative formula that cares for your figure. The mustard sprout extract and capsaicin contained in the Cellu-Slim Complex have been shown to reduce cellulite and create a slimmer silhouette. Cellu-Slim Complex stimulates the conversion of fat-storing cells into fat-burning cells. Clinical studies carried out over 8 weeks have confirmed the fast-acting, strong and visible slimming and anti-cellulite effects of the complex. Apply Body Contour Booster  to problem areas every night and massage it in. It absorbs very quickly, allowing you to get dressed soon after application. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes.

  • 7900_BodyLotionIsoflavonia
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    Body Lotion Isoflavonia Ref. 7900

    Body Lotion Isoflavonia

    Ref. 7900-Home care 200 ml


    Active substance-rich lotion for soft body skin. Leaves the body contours feeling smooth and firm. Gentle fragrance. Contains isoflavones, kombuchka, mango butter and natural moisture retention factors.