A man’s optimal care programme should be uncomplicated and effective, yet adapted to the needs of his skin, because they are totally different to that of women’s skin. With MEN, JANSSEN COSMETICS presents exclusive prestige care solutions especially for him. Well-groomed, vital and resilient skin is guaranteed.
To meet the specific needs of men’s skin, the JANSSEN COSMETICS research laboratories developed first-class substance combinations perfectly combined with exclusive formulations:
Men’s SuperMoist is a specially developed power ingredient with a long-lasting moisturising effect for the immediate reduction of fine lines caused by dryness. In combination with hyaluronic acid, the skin is also continuously supplied with intensive moisture.
Men’s Ultra Calm is the first aid complex for irritated skin – especially after shaving! Selected plant extracts soothe and calm the skin and make it more resilient.
As a natural anti-aging element from the baobab tree, SPECIMEN has been proven to reduce lines and wrinkles, and also promotes fast absorption of the formulation with immediate absorption of the active ingredients.
The powerful 4-in-1 active ingredient complex Men’s Eye Perfecting Complex reduces dark circles in an instant and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
MEN is the prestige care for him and convinces with powerful, effective care solutions that visibly and noticeably ensure an improved skin appearance and are also simple to use.

  • 8600_PurifyingWashShave
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    Purifying Wash+Shave Ref. 8600

    Purifying WASH & SHAVE
    Ref. 8600-Home care 75 ml

    Smooth, creamy foam for effective deep cleansing and gentle shaving.

    Smooth, creamy foam for effective deep cleansing and a gentle shave. Instantly cleanses and refreshes the skin, soothes it during shaving and makes it feel fresh and smooth.

  • 8610_CalmingHydroGel
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    Calming Hydro-Gel Ref. 8610

    Calming HYDRO GEL
    Ref. 8610-Home care 50 ml

    Powerful active refreshment and gentle after-shave skincare. Soothes irritated skin after shaving and also moisturises it intensively.

    Extremely refreshing and gentle after-shave skincare. Soothes irritated skin after shaving and also intensively moisturises it. This revitalising cream gel with an exclusive active ingredient formula is immediately absorbed and has a soothing and extremely refreshing effect: Guaranteed reactivation and revitalisation.

  • 8620_24-7SkinEnergizer
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    24/7 Skin Energizer Ref. 8620

    24/7 Skin Energizer
    Ref. 8620-Home care 50 ml

    Activating skincare cream with powerful anti-ageing formula. Strengthens and activates the skin around the clock.

    Pleasant daily skincare product with anti-ageing effect: An immediate maximum moisture and active ingredient booster that leaves the skin looking visibly softer. The luxury formula with Men’s SuperMoist and SPECIMEN strengthens and activates the akin around the clock. Fine lines and wrinkles are far less noticeable. 24/7 Skin Energizer – for healthy masculine skin and a dynamic look.

  • 8660_EnergizingEyeRollOn
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    Energizing Eye Roll-On Ref. 8660

    Ebergizing Eye Roll-ON
    Ref. 8660-Home care 15 ml

    Revitalising eye roll-on with immediate cooling effect.

    New energy and freshness for tired eyes: This powerful 4-in-1 active ingredient complex revitalises and instantly cools the skin, visibly reducing swelling and dark rings under the eyes. Fine lines and wrinkles quickly look less noticeable.

  • 8678_LongLastingDeodrant
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    Long Lasting Deodorant Ref. 8678

    Long Lasting Deodorant for men
    Ref. 8678-Home care 30 gr

    Alcohol-free deodorant stick with long-lasting effect.

    Long Lasting Deodorant has a long lasting mild and spicy fragrance. At the same time, our deodorant stick is very gently on the skin as the formula was developed without alcohol. Unlike other deodorants which only cover up one smell with another, Long Lasting Deodorant actually eliminates body odors.