High-quality powder masks for cosmetic treatment in the beauty salon!
PEEL OFF MASKS are high-quality powder masks which have been developed specifically for cosmetic treatment in the beauty salon. They are mixed with Ocean Mineral Activator and are immediately applied onto the face and neck, but also the neckline and e.g. hands, where they form something akin to a second skin and impress with their intensive effect:
Whilst the mask slowly hardens, moisture collects in the horny layer beneath the elastic mask film, which is impermeable to air and water. At the same time, the peel-off masks’ active substances and additional active substances, e.g. from ampoules, are able to penetrate particularly well into the skin and intensively supply the substances it requires within a short space of time.
Important note: please do not pour PEEL OFF MASK residues into the drain. Always allow mask residues to dry on and then dispose of them in the domestic refuse.