Ocean Treasure

The concentrated power of the ocean activates and revives!

The sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the sun tickling our skin, the wind playing in our hair, boats sailing past on the horizon…thinking about the wide, wide sea makes us daydream: of freedom, calm, relaxation. Unwind and go with the flow of the tides…

Hidden in the depths of the oceans are treasures that are immensely valuable for our body. These ocean treasures give our skin a unique vitality and freshness. Red algae are rich in proteins and contain numerous vitamins, minerals and trace elements and improve the skin’s resilience. Valuable sea salt crystals activate the skin metabolism and help the body to detoxify. The green algae found in the Atlantic thoroughly moisturise the skin; their intensively moisturising effect is particularly long-lasting. The special pamper-yourself ritual OCEAN TREASURE contains many of these maritime treasures and activates the skin’s cell regeneration. The result is beautifully soft skin all over the body and a visibly firmer silhouette.