All Skin Needs

The skin makes diverse demands on a contemporary care program. The more diverse the skin‘s individual requirements are, the more extensive the range of effects offered by modern care preparations.

However, spot-on skin care cannot always be achieved with just one product. All Skin Needs therefore offers a selection of various special products for each skin type. These act as a care module for sensibly supplementing skin type-specific home care.

  • 2300_SkinResurfacingBalm
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    Skin Resurfasing Balm Ref. 2300

    Skin Resurfacing Balm
    Ref. 2300-Home care 75 ml
    Cream for calming stressed skin after intensive exfoliation or laser treatments. With Echinacea purpurea.

  • 2330_DarkSpotPerfector
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    Dark Spot Perfector Ref. 2330

    Dark spot perfector
    Ref. 2330-Home care 30 ml
    Serum that specifically brightens age spots. Contains an active-ingredient complex made from garden cress and soya.

  • 2400_ScarCream
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    Scar Cream Ref. 2400

    Scar cream
    Ref. 2400-home care 75 ml
    Cream for skin care in scarred areas. With Siegesbeckia orientalis and mango seed oil.

  • 2910_DetoxCream
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    Detox Cream Ref. 2910 / 2910P

    Detox Cream
    Ref. 2910-Home care 50 ml, Ref. 2910P-Prof. 200ml
    Highly effective, rich care cream supports the skin’s detoxification systems and reduces the appearance of age marks. With the active detoxification substances polysaccharide α-glucan and avocado peptide plus vitamin C isopalmitate and vitamin E acetate for better looking skin.

  • 2831_FaceGuardAdvanced
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    Face Guard Advanced Ref. 2831 / 2831P

    Face Guard Advanced
    Ref. 2831-Home care 30 ml, 2831P-Prof. 50ml
    UV protection concentrate, SPF 30, against premature light induced skin aging. With photostable UVA/ UVB filters, Ectoin® and biotechnological agents against IR-rays.

  • 2501_GoodnightLipMask
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    Good Night Lip Mask Ref. 2501

    Good Night Lip Mask
    Ref. 2501-Home care 15 ml
    Smoothing overnight mask for full supple lips. Can also be used during the day as SOS care.

    Smoothing overnight mask for full supple lips. Highly effective at repairing, the lip mask allows especially dry, brittle lips to breathe again: Overnight, it fuses with the skin and unfolds its intensive moisturizing and extremely valuable ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and phyto-extracts. Smoothing shea butter, protective herbal waxes, and cell-strengthening oils give the lips irresistible suppleness and sensual volume. A delicate melting texture – a tangible balm for the lips and soul. Goodnight Lip Mask is also the perfect daytime SOS treatment for stressed lips.

  • 2600_CaviarLuxuryCream
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    Caviar Luxury Cream Ref. 2600 / 2600P

    Luxury caviar cream
    Ref. 2600-Koduhooldus 50 ml, Ref. 2600P – Proff. 150 ml


    Black gold for the skin: Rich anti-aging care with caviar extract. Experience luxury with the exceptional skin-smoothing and regenerating effects of this cream.

    Black gold for the skin: The rich luxurious treatment gives the skin an extraordinary radiance. The anti-aging caviar extract gives it a smooth appearance. Its gets more volume once again. Lines and wrinkles appear padded. Natural skin regeneration is strengthened and supported.

  • 2931_EpigeneticSerum
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    Epigenic Serum Ref. 2931 / 2931P

    Epigenetic serum
    Ref. 2931-Home care 10 ml, 2931P-Proff. 15 ml
    Serum that keeps your skin looking young.

    Recent scientific studies show: Our genes don’t determine everything. Your activity is governed by lifestyle and intake – both through diet and through the active ingredients we apply to our skin.  

    Epigenetic Serum contains an anti-ageing ingredient that minimises epigenetic skin cell alteration caused by external influences and improves skin cell vitality and stress resistance.

    The result: Your skin becomes more resistant to the ravages of time, maintaining your youthful radiance.

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    Good Night Hand Mask Ref. 2502

    Good Night Hand Mask
    Ref. 2502-Home care 75 ml

    In everyday life, external stressors have a particularly harmful impact on hands. Frequent hand-washing, temperature changes and negative environmental influences are just some of the factors that cause skin to become dry and sensitive. What’s more, hands have a natural tendency to become dry since they contain few sebaceous glands.

    GOODNIGHT HAND MASK provides noticeably smoother hands overnight. The rich formula nourishes dry and stressed skin with a moisturising and soothing combination of glycerin, urea and bisabolol. Even the skin around the fingernails is intensely nourished. It supports the regeneration of cracked cuticles and prevents repeat tearing. In addition, the biotin contained in the formula strengthens the nail’s structure and increases its resistance. Dry, brittle nails once again become firm, elastic and shiny.

    GOODNIGHT HAND MASK is a spa treatment for home use. When applied one to two times a week, it results in superbly smooth, noticeably velvety hands and beautifully groomed nails.

    • For noticeably smoother hands overnight
    • Provides the nails with firmness and elasticity
    • Strengthens the nail´s structure
    • Nourishes the cuticle
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    Irresistible Eye Elixir Ref. 2660

    Irresistible Eye Elixir 

    Ref. 2660-Home care 15 ml

    Eye roll-on with caffeine for an immediate fresh wake-up call for the eye area.

    Eye roll-on with caffeine for an immediate fresh wake-up call for the eye area. The anti-wrinkle peptide blend demonstrably reduces fine lines and wrinkles, while the precious silk acacia extract visibly reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Hyaluronic acid helps to smooth wrinkles around the eyes and improves the elasticity and resilience of the skin.