Combination Skin

Finding the right balance!

Partial sebum gland hyperactivity is the main cause of COMBINATION SKIN. Sebum gland hyperfunction generally occurs due to a predisposition. However, hormonal changes, medications, etc. may also lead to increased sebum production. Occurrence during puberty and occasionally also the menopause is not therefore infrequent. The skin’s pores become enlarged as a result of increased sebum production. If excessive hornification is also added, so-called sebum plugs are formed. These occur in the form of open blackheads, which have a natural secretory duct, but also as closed blackheads which lie beneath the epidermis and are encapsulated. In the most unfavorable scenario, these sebum plugs may become inflamed. Particularly if they are squeezed improperly.

Irrespective of this, the increased sebum production leads to an unattractive oily sheen in the central area of the face, whilst the dry side areas appear brittle and may feel unpleasantly taut. These symptoms are additionally susceptible to seasonal fluctuations, i.e. the skin appears oilier in the summer and drier in the winter.

The treatment of COMBINATION SKIN therefore requires active substance preparations which act to balance the skin’s natural functions and are highly-moisturizing so that a balanced and silky-matte skin profile is achieved.

  • 6600_GentleCleansingPowder
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    Gentle Cleansing Powder Ref. 6600 / 6600P

    Gentle Cleansing Powder

    Ref. 6600-Home care 100gr . Ref. 6600Р – Prof.
    Water-soluble cleansing powder for combination skin. With skin-friendly tensides for clear, matte skin.

  • 6611_TintedBalancingCream
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    Tinted Balancing Cream Ref. 6611 / 6611P

    Tinted Balancing Cream
    Ref. 6611-Home care 50ml , Ref. 6611Р – Prof. 100 ml
    Gently tinted care cream for balancing combination skin. With color pigments and extracts of red algae, rice bran and aloe vera.

  • 6620_BalancingCream
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    Balancing Cream Ref. 6620 / 6620P

    Balancing cream
    Ref. 6620-Home care 50ml , Ref. 6620Р – Prof. 200 ml

    Balancing care cream for combination skin. With extracts of red algae, rice bran and aloe vera.

  • 6630_BalancingSkinComplex
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    Balancing Skin Complex Ref. 6630 / 6630P

    Balancing Skin Complex
    Ref. 6630-Home care 30ml , Ref. 6630Р – Prof. 50 ml
    Active substance concentrate for sebum gland regulation, specifically for combination skin. With extracts of olive leaves, red algae and Fomes officinalis.