Sensitive Skin

The scratching scarf on the neck, a reddened face just because it is very windy outside or a sudden reaction of the skin to the favourite cream… If our skin no longer fulfils its protective function, it feels unpleasant on the skin. Feelings of tension, skin redness and brittle skin that itches or burns are often the result. If the skin barrier is damaged, even a healthy skin reacts to external influences such as stress and environmental impacts – regardless of age or skin type.

Proper care of sensitive skin means, on the one hand, alleviating the skin irritations and, on the other hand, stabilising the skin’s protective barrier. SENSITIVE SKIN fulfils both requirements thanks to two innovative active ingredient complexes made from plant extracts that complement each other perfectly. The result: measurably reduced skin sensitivity, a strengthened skin barrier, reduced skin redness and significantly more resiliant skin.

  • 2231_ProImmuneSerum
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    Pro-Immun Serum Ref. 2231 / 2231P

    Pro-Immune Serum
    Ref. 2231-Home care 30ml , Ref. 2231Р – Prof. 50 ml
    This is an active-substance serum with biotechnological agents that stabilises the skin’s immune cells to enable them to resist harmful external influences.It contains beta glucan, ectoine, Saccharide Isomerate, long- and short-chain hyaluronic acid, allantoin, bisabolol and vitamin E.

  • 2221_AntiPollutionCream
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    Anti-Pollution Cream Ref. 2221 / 2221P

    Anti-Pollution Cream

    Ref.2221-Home care 50ml , Ref. 2221Р – Prof. 150 ml
    This is a protective care cream with effective anti-oxidative plant-based active substances that strengthen the skin’s resistance to environmental pollutants. It contains red camellia extract, Saccharide Isomerate, long- and short-chain hyaluronic acid, allantoin and shea butter.

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    Soft Cleansing Mousse Ref. 2000 / 2000P

    Soft Cleansing Mousse

    Ref. 2000 – Home care 150 ml , Ref.2000P- Prof. 150ml


    Mild cleansing foam for gentle and thorough cleansing of sensitive skin.

    The gentle pH-neutral cleansing mousse with allantoin soothes irritated skin and counteracts skin redness. The light, airy texture gently cleanses sensitive skin without stressing it unnecessarily. For a noticeably clean and supple feel to the skin!

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    Soft Soothing Tonic Ref. 2001 / 2001P

    Soothing gel toner

    Ref. 2001 – Home care. 150 ml , Ref.2001P- Prof. 250ml

    The alcohol-free face toner with Sensitive Complex and allantoin.

    Specially developed for sensitive skin prone to reddening, Soft Soothing Tonic is the perfect final step for deep facial cleansing! The alcohol-free face toner with Sensitive Complex and allantoin soothes skin irritation as you cleanse your face.

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    Intence Calming Cream Ref. 2020 / 2020P

    Intence Calming Cream

    Ref.2020-Home care 50ml , Ref. 2020Р – Prof. 150 ml

    24h care for sensitive skin that is prone to redness.

    Calming 24-hour skin care regime protects and nourishes sensitive skin during the day and helps it regenerate overnight. The gentle formula with Skin Defense Complex+ strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier, whilst α-bisabolol and allantoin alleviate unpleasant tightness and itching, resulting in a noticeable improvement in skin condition. Saccharide isomerate and hyaluronic acid provide the skin with long-term moisture.

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    Intense Calming Serum Ref. 2030 / 2030P

    Intense Calming Serum

    Ref. 2030-Home care 30ml , Ref. 2030Р – Prof. 50 ml
    Highly concentrated serum for very sensitive and irritated skin.

    Intense Calming Serum with Skin Defense Complex+, regenerates and strengthens the natural skin barrier, makes it more resilient against external irritation and provides moisture. Anti-inflammatory active ingredients such as panthenol, allantoin and α-bisabolol soothe irritated skin long-term, relieve redness and leaves skin feeling relaxed.

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    Daily Couperose Serum Ref. 2033

    Couperose Gel
    Ref. 2033-Home care 30ml
    Dermatologically tested special care for skin prone to couperose.

    This gentle serum has been specially designed for the needs of skin prone to couperose. Sensitive Complex strengthens the skin’s capillary system and soothes skin irritation, while the RSC-Neutralizer demonstrably counteracts and reduces redness. Highly effective active ingredients such as barrier-strengthening ISIS, anti-inflammatory allantoin and moisture-providing hyaluronic acid noticeably and visibly improve the skin’s appearance.

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    Instant Soothing Mask Ref. 2040 / 2040P

    SOS face mask
    Ref. 2040-Home care 75ml , Ref. 2040P – Prof. 200 ml
    This SOS face mask relieves irritation, redness and tightness in a flash.

    Fast, effective and immediately visible! Instant Soothing Mask: emergency care for irritated skin! The cream mask quickly relieves irritation and tightness, demonstrably alleviates redness and boosts resistance to external irritation. Fucogel® Powder soothes the skin immediately. Skin Defense Complex+ boosts this effect, regenerates the skin’s barrier function and abates inflammatory processes. Saccharide isomerate provides sensitive skin with intensive moisture. The result? For immediately relaxed and less irritated skin.

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    Comfort Eye Care Ref. 2060 / 2060P

    Eye Care Emulsion
    Ref.2060-Home care 15ml , Ref. 2060Р – Prof.
    Smoothing eye care for the particularly sensitive eye area.

    This gentle eye care emulsion has been specially developed for the highly sensitive skin around the eyes prone to redness. It is based on a combination of conditioning shea butter, ISIS and Skin Defense Complex+, which strengthens the skin barrier, has a regenerative effect and makes the skin more resilient against external irritations. Hyaluronic acid and Saccharide isomerate provide the sensitive area around the eye with revitalising moisture, making it noticeably soft and supple. Eyebright counteracts dark rings under the eyes.

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    Neuro Skin Balm Ref. 2070

    Dermatologically tested special care for skin that is prone to neurodermatitis
    Ref. 2070-Home care 100ml
    Skin prone to neurodermatitis requires special hypoallergenic treatment! Neuro Skin Balm treats skin prone to neurodermatitis intensively, has a soothing effect on the skin and alleviates itching. Squawroot extract demonstrably boosts the skin’s protective barrier function. The active ingredient Skin Defense Complex+ quickly regenerates the skin, with the aim of extending attack-free (remission) periods. Saccharide isomerate und hyaluronic acid provide the skin with revitalising moisture.